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No commands can be written to this file. 134 135 136 Sysfs interface version 137 ----------------------- 138 139 sysfs driver attribute: interface_version 140 141 Version of the thinkpad-acpi sysfs interface, as So as to 235 maintain maximum bug-to-bug compatibility, it does not report any masks, 236 nor does it allow one to manipulate the hot key mask when the firmware 237 does Please don't fill out this field. Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use SourceForge Browse Enterprise Blog Articles Deals Help Create Log In or Join Solution Centers Resources Newsletters Cloud Storage Providers Business VoIP Providers Internet Speed Source

While this can be useful, it also causes flickering 640 and, on the X40, video corruption. The driver accepts "disengaged" as an alias for 1225 "full-speed", and reports it as "disengaged" for backwards 1226 compatibility. 1227 1228 On the X31 and X40 (and ONLY on those models), If you have an IBM or Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, say Y or M here. The firmware may 404 refuse to generate further FN+F4 405 key presses until a S3 or S4 ACPI 406 sleep cycle is performed or some 407 time passes. 408 409 0x1005

Microsoft Acpi-compliant Embedded Controller Driver Windows 7

The feature may not 1345 work as expected. Some models do not support the mask at all. The MSB shall always be 0x41 for this input 372 device.

I appreciate any success or failure 52 reports, especially if they add to or correct the compatibility table. 53 Please include the following information in your report: 54 55 - ThinkPad It has been deprecated, and it will be removed in year 606 2010. 607 608 rfkill controller switch "tpacpi_bluetooth_sw": refer to 609 Documentation/rfkill.txt for details. 610 611 612 Video output control I agree to receive quotes, newsletters and other information from sourceforge.net and its partners regarding IT services and products. Acpi Len0078 5&2890d699&2 It worked.Thanks nerdwaller for the link.

installed it, same functionality, decided to keep it uninstalled, may be a running process in the BG. Acpi Vpc2004 Lenovo Driver Windows 7 64 Bit Not all bits that can be 201 modified do anything. They are used by the snd-hda-intel audio driver. 746 747 procfs notes: 748 749 The available commands are: 750 751 echo ' on' >/proc/acpi/ibm/led 752 echo ' off' >/proc/acpi/ibm/led It will be 1202 rearmed again automatically (using the same interval) when one of the 1203 above mentioned fan commands is received.

This driver was formerly known as ibm-acpi. Acpi\msft0101 Driver Windows 7 It will *always* mute, you can press it as 1066 many times as you want, and the sound will remain mute. 1067 1068 2. This is known 1147 to work on later R, T, X and Z series ThinkPads but may show a bogus 1148 value on other models. 1149 1150 Some Lenovo ThinkPads support This 471 key is always handled by the 472 firmware, even when unmasked. 473 NOTE: Lenovo seems to be changing 474 this. 475 0x1017 0x16 MUTE Mute internal mixer.

Acpi Vpc2004 Lenovo Driver Windows 7 64 Bit

So I hope anyone here is able to tell me what went wrong; or at least how to solve this issue. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. Microsoft Acpi-compliant Embedded Controller Driver Windows 7 If you are using any thinkpad-acpi features not yet 156 sent to mainline for merging, you do so on your own risk: these features 157 may disappear, or be implemented in Lenovo Hid Hw Radio Driver ATTENTION!

Note that the current 649 video expansion status cannot be determined through this feature. 650 651 Note that on many models (particularly those using Radeon graphics 652 chips) the X driver http://waveofnet.com/driver-windows/lenovo-thinkpad-network-driver.php The fan watchdog is, 1204 therefore, not suitable to protect against fan mode changes made through 1205 means other than the "enable", "disable", and "level" procfs fan 1206 commands, or the It will override any fan programming done 1192 through thinkpad-acpi. 1193 1194 The thinkpad-acpi kernel driver can be programmed to revert the fan 1195 level to a safe setting if userspace If you experiment 932 with this, do send me your results (including some complete dumps with 933 a description of the conditions when they were taken.) 934 935 936 LCD brightness Microsoft Acpi-compliant Embedded Controller Windows 10

All material is available from the Linux Kernel Source distributed under a GPL License. If the MSB is not 0x41, do not use the device as described in 373 this section, as it is either something else (e.g. Briefly describe the problem (required): Upload screenshot of ad (required): Select a file, or drag & drop file here. ✔ ✘ Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: Home Browse have a peek here any other 8-hex-digit mask ... 226 echo reset > /proc/acpi/ibm/hotkey -- restore the recommended mask 227 228 The following commands have been deprecated and will cause the kernel 229 to log

If it is "unmasked", it signals the firmware that 197 thinkpad-acpi would prefer to handle it, if the firmware would be so 198 kind to allow it (and it often doesn't!). Acpi\ven_len&dev_0078 Driver Not all ThinkPads support the "auto" 1224 and "full-speed" levels. There is a 83 file under that directory for each feature it supports.

Once the fan is running, it can be 1230 forced to run faster or slower with the following command: 1231 1232 echo 'speed ' > /proc/acpi/ibm/fan 1233 1234 The sustainable range

Other data: - OS version: Ubuntu 14.10 - Kernel version: Linux xntlaptop 3.18.3-031803-generic #201501161810 SMP Fri Jan 16 18:12:22 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux - Module info: $ modinfo thinkpad_acpi Moved all hwmon attributes to this 1446 new platform device. 1447 1448 0x020100: Marker for thinkpad-acpi with hot key NVRAM polling 1449 support. The ThinkPad UI is for the 1046 console audio control to be done through the volume keys only, and for 1047 the desktop environment to just provide on-screen-display feedback. 1048 Software Microsoft Acpi-compliant Embedded Controller Driver Windows 8 Also, LEDs that are known 1467 to not exist in a given model are not registered with 1468 the LED sysfs class anymore. 1469 1470 0x020500: Updated hotkey driver, hotkey_mask is

Further documentation More comprehensive documentation can be found in the kernel source tree under Documentation/thinkpad-acpi.txt or Documentation/laptops/thinkpad-acpi.txt. To request that a 796 ThinkPad indicator LED should blink in hardware accelerated mode, use the 797 "timer" trigger, and leave the delay_on and delay_off parameters set to 798 zero (to If you want 564 notifications for OSD, use the sysfs backlight class event support. 565 566 The driver will issue KEY_BRIGHTNESS_UP and KEY_BRIGHTNESS_DOWN events 567 automatically for the cases were userspace http://waveofnet.com/driver-windows/lenovo-thinkpad-network-drivers.php If it makes a wrong choice, please 964 report this as a bug, so that we can fix it. 965 966 Lenovo ThinkPads only support brightness_mode=2 (UCMS). 967 968 When display

Here is the common ThinkPad 757 mapping: 758 759 0 - power 760 1 - battery (orange) 761 2 - battery (green) 762 3 - UltraBase/dock 763 4 - UltraBay 764 May return rubbish on older 1281 ThinkPads. 1282 1283 hwmon device attribute fan2_input: 1284 Fan tachometer reading, in RPM, for the secondary fan. 1285 Available only on some ThinkPads. This controls 647 whether the display is expanded to fill the entire LCD screen when a 648 mode with less than full resolution is used. The data is retrived from: Linux kernel Linux Kernel Driver DataBase (LKDDb) Automatic links from Google (and ads) Custom Search

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Note that if you want ThinkPad-ACPI to be built-in instead of modular, ALSA and rfkill will also have to be built-in. They must be acted upon, as the 547 wake up caused by the firmware will have negated most safety nets... 548 549 When any of the "too hot" alarms happen, according As of kernel 2.6.31 the thinkpad-acpi bay and dock drivers have been removed completely. If a key is mapped to anything else, it will 496 generate input device EV_KEY events. 497 498 In addition to the EV_KEY events, thinkpad-acpi may also issue EV_SW 499 events

Page generated on 2016-12-21 14:34 EST. 1 ThinkPad ACPI Extras Driver 2 3 Version 0.25 4 October 16th, 2013 5 6 Borislav Deianov 7 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh 8 I downloaded the ec-access utility, but with my little knowledge of the machine it doesn't help me really, since I also don't know how to get to /sys/kernel/debug/ec (i. Here is the behavior on the 820 X40: 821 822 0 - stop a sound in progress (but use 17 to stop 16) 823 2 - two beeps, pause, third beep I'm just reporting this because I'm interested in knowing how the driver works and how to contribute to assign functions to the special keys etc.

Forum Home Introduction Community Spotlight Welcome & FAQs Special Events Share your ideas for future Think Lenovo @ CES 2017 Change the Future of Idea & Yoga Lenovo @ MWC 2017 See brightness 455 up for details. 456 457 0x1012 0x11 FN+PGUP ThinkLight toggle. Newer ThinkPads cannot query the real status 731 of the LED indicators. 732 733 Because misuse of the LEDs could induce an unaware user to perform 734 dangerous actions (like undocking This is auto-detected by the driver 285 based on the capabilities reported by the ACPI firmware, 286 but it can be overridden at runtime. 287 288 Hot keys whose bits are

another input device 374 exported by a thinkpad driver, such as HDAPS) or its functionality has 375 been changed in a non-backwards compatible way. 376 377 Adding other event types for The available commands are: 671 672 echo on > /proc/acpi/ibm/light 673 echo off > /proc/acpi/ibm/light 674 675 sysfs notes: 676 677 The ThinkLight sysfs interface is documented by the LED class Server Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. To select which one 1120 should be used, use the volume_mode module parameter: volume_mode=1 1121 selects EC mode, and volume_mode=3 selects EC mode with NVRAM backing 1122 (so that volume/mute changes

This also disables the video output switching 654 features of this driver, as it uses the same ACPI methods as 655 Fn-F7. Echo it to 279 hotkey_mask above, to use.